Appnote 1058: Phân tích định tính Dolomit và đá vôi dạng mẫu ép viên

This application note demonstrates the excellent performance of Supermini200 for the analysis of dolomite and limestone.


Both dolomite and limestone are important mineral resources used in various industries such as cement, electronics, iron manufacturing, glass, paper and pulp, agriculture. Each industry has particular interests in contents and components. For example in the cement industry, dolomite and limestone are sources of Ca. In iron manufacturing, Ca acts as an absorber of impuri-ties like Si, S and P, and Mg protects the furnace walls from corrosive elements like S and P. In the glass industry, low content of Fe is preferred because Fe can color glass.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis quickly and easily offers precise elemental analysis results allowing con-trol of the components
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